April 21, 2024

Anne Hathaway is seen filming The Dark Knight Rises in Los Angeles on Wednesday (September 7). The actress was seen getting into a cab with a “Gotham City” license plate. Pretty cool.

Looks like filming of the movie has moved onto Los Angeles after spending quite a while in Pittsburgh – check out The Dark Knight Rises page for a bunch of pics from set.

According to some rumors, this could be Anne’s last film for a while. An insider told Star magazine:

“[Anne’s] telling friends that when she wraps The Dark Knight Rises, her next project will be remodeling the home she and [boyfriend Adam Shulman] share in Brooklyn and installing a nursery. She wants to take some time off from work to focus on her personal life. Adam doesn’t have a huge ego, and he’s already assured her that he’s fine with being a stay-at-home dad so she can go back to work whenever she wants.”