July 13, 2024

Amy Adams was caught filming her new movie Lullaby in the Gramercy Park area of New York City on June 16th. The red haired beauty co-stars in this film with TRON: Legacy hottie Garrett Hedlund.

Filled with considerable comedic beats, LULLABY explores the power of life, its transformative moments and reconnections between loved ones. Estranged from his family, Jonathan (Hedlund) receives word that his father, Robert (Jenkins), who has been fighting illness for over a decade has chosen to take himself off life support in less than forty-eight hours. What follows is an unexpected journey of love, laughter, and forgiveness.

Wow, this movie looks like it could be super sad. Those considerable comedic beats will hopefully help to lighten up the tone of this comedy/drama and make it more comedy than drama. I certainly hope so anyways, I don’t like it when movies are sad all the way through. Like in my own real life, I’d rather comedy than drama.

Yesterday we saw pictures of Amy Adams filming her new movie Lullaby in New York City on June 16th. Today we see pictures from the same day of filming after she was joined by co-star Garrett Hedlund on the set.

He is so dreamy. I loved Garrett in all of his movies. Troy, Friday Night Lights, Four Brothers and Tron just to name a few. He is soooo hot. I’ve never seen him with his hair so dark. I think I like it. I can’t wait to see this movie once it hits theaters. Now I just need to find me a man to take me to watch. Or I guess we can just make it a girls night to check out his hotness.