4 Aug 2011

Matthew Bomer and Tim DeKay

Matthew Bomer and Tim DeKay are spotted filming White Collar in New York on Wednesday (August 3). I love Tim's face. He looks like someone just woke him up!

Check out the White Collar page for more pics from the set of the USA series.

Could we see Matthew in a vampire movie soon? Author Anne Rice said last year that he would be perfect if her popular Vampire Chronicles series of novels is adapted into a film:

"Louis, right now, he could be portrayed easily by Richard Armitage or Matt Bomer. Matt Bomer is a beautiful, beautiful guy. He could play Louis."

*6 White Collar pictures total in the gallery:

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  • Jrandfred

    Could we see Matthew in a vampire movie soon? I doubt... I bet Anne Rice is saying that because she just want him to be her son-in-law (Anne's son, Chris, is gay and a successful writer as well)... Matt is really hot and good looking alright, but I can't see the 'Vampire Vibe' in him...