11 Oct 2011

Sarah Hyland and Ty Burrell

Sarah Hyland and Ty Burrell are spotted filming Modern Family at UCLA in Westwood last week (October 7). Of course UCLA is home of the Bruins, but that looks like a Fresno State Bulldogs sweatshirt to me.

PICTURES: Check out more on the Modern Family page

Ty has been married to his wife Holly since 2000. Last March the couple adopted a baby girl, Frances Burrell, their first. Ty told Elle earlier this year what's surprised him so far about being a father:

"This might sound really dumb, but I guess I didn't realize that you actually fall in love with children, that like with any other relationship, as time goes on you actually love them more. I was under the impression that when you first saw them you got smacked in the face with a full amount of love that just stuck around for the rest of your life. But the love actually takes the same path you have with every other relationship. Every week I feel her getting even further under my skin. Now I'm at that point where I miss her when she's asleep. I can't say that was true in the first few months."

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