20 Sep 2012

Alec Baldwin

Yesterday, September19th, Alec Baldwin was caught on the set of the film Untitled Woody Allen Project in New York City. Baldwin must be pretty busy since the couldn't wait to get on his phone every time there was a break in the action. I wonder who he was talking to?

PICTURES: Check out more on the Alec Baldwin page

His new wife. That's who he is talking to. I'm not a close friend of his or even a psychic, but you don't have to be one to figure this call out. Who else would call and bug that often while  you're at work? Am I right fellas or just not wrong? She probably saw a mouse or something. Just kidding ladies, you know I love you all. "I love women, I have all their Albums." - Hank Moody

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20 Sep 2012

Alicia Silverstone

Yesterday Alicia Silverstone was seen on the set of her newest movie Gods Behaving Badly, in New York City. If this looks familiar it's because it is, well sort of. The cast and crew have gotten back together in the Big Apple to do some reshoots. Silverstone is even wearing the some outfit that we saw her in last year.

PICTURES: Check out more on the Alicia Silverstone page

When I first saw these pictures I thought they were date stamped incorrectly or that someone was trying to recycle some photos so they didn't have to do more work.. Then I did some more of my in depth and awesome research in order to find out that they were doing reshoots. I really hope the wardrobe department washed the wardrobe since they last used it.

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19 Sep 2012

Blake Lively

Monday morning, Blake Lively arrived on the set of Gossip Girl in Brooklyn, New York City. This is the first time Lively has been seen back at work since she married Ryan Reynolds. the 25 year old Lively and the 35 year old Hal Jordan got married over the weekend.

PICTURES: Check out more on the Blake Lively page

What. The. Hell? Blake Lively is married? Are you f**king kidding me? What the shit? Why do really beautiful women try to get married so young? Live a little Blake. You have your whole life ahead of you to settle down and tie the knot, why waste your best years being married? Congrats you two! I wish you the best of luck. (Hey Blake, if this thing doesn't work out, give me a call. You know the number.)

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19 Sep 2012

Martin Scorsese

The great Martin Scorsese was seen filming scenes for the Wolf of Wall Street in Ardsley, New York, last week. He spotted a paparazzi hanging about and he was thrilled to see him. He even took time to wave to the cameraman and send a big hello to all of us through the lens.

PICTURES: Check out more on the Leonardo DiCaprio page

Well, hello to you too Martin. What a nice guy that Mr. Scorsese is. Seriously though, I do understand that it must be pretty frustrating to always be hounded by the Paparazzi as you just try and work. But he did bring this on himself. If he never made such great films, then no one would be interested in his work. It's like a gift and a curse. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. There was some actor type guy on the set too. I think his name is Leonardo DiCaprio or something like that.

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19 Sep 2012

Michael Fassbender

Michael Fassbender was spotted yesterday during the filming of The Counselor in east London. He was pictured giving a nice hug to an unidentified man. Fassbender was looking as sharp as ever in a dark suit with a maroon shirt underneath.

PICTURES: Check out more on the Michael Fassbender page

Who the hell is that guy that he's hugging? Is that? I think that's Kid Rock. Yeah, that must be Kid Rock. Where the hell has he been? I haven't heard from that guy in a long time. I wonder what he is up to now. I'll tell you what, time has been a bit rough on the guy.

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19 Sep 2012

Sara Sampaio

Another day, another Victoria's Secret model looking gorgeous in a bikini. This time we get to see Sara Sampaio as she poses during a photo shoot in Miami Beach, Florida. This job is just so difficult some times, I've had to stare at pictures of VS models for the last few days.

PICTURES: Check out more on the Victoria's Secret page

I had absolutely no idea who Sara Sampaio was before I saw these pictures. I had never seen or heard of her before. People always say that you learn something new everyday. In that case, I love me some education. When do I get the next lesson?

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19 Sep 2012

Mila Kunis

On Monday, September 17th Mila Kunis was pictured doing some scenes on the set of her latest movie The Angriest Man In Brooklyn, in which a bus breaks down in Queens, New York. It must not have been her day as evidenced by her dirty sweater.

PICTURES: Check out more on the Mila Kunis page

Queens? Why are they in Queens? I thought the name of the movie was Angriest Man in Brooklyn? Why aren't they in Brooklyn? I hate it when titles of things mislead people. It's like they do it on purpose. Why would they do that to us? It really makes no sense. *Wink, Wink*

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