13 Apr 2012

Laura Vandervoort

Help!!!! I'm going to be completely honest, my internet detective skills have let me down on this one. I have no idea what these pictures are from. Alls I know is that they are pictures of Laura Vandervoort on the set of a photoshoot in Los Angeles in late March. I looked and looked and looked for answers to these questions with no luck. I decided to go ahead and post the pictures because anytime you have an opportunity to post pictures of Laura Vandervoort, you have to do it. It's just one of those things you can't say no to. Like doubling down on 11 while playing blackjack or betting against Rocky in Rocky III.

Wait, never mind just forget the last two things I said and enjoy the pictures.

*5 Laura Vandervoort pictures total in the gallery:

  • vandervoort-photoshoot-01
  • vandervoort-photoshoot-02
  • vandervoort-photoshoot-03
  • vandervoort-photoshoot-04
  • vandervoort-photoshoot-05

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