19 Sep 2011

Tamala Jones and Jon Huertas

Tamala Jones and Jon Huertas are spotted filming Castle at Xiomara on Melrose restaurant in Hollywood last week (September 14). Kissy Kissy!

PICTURES: Check out more on the Castle page

Don't miss the season premiere of Castle tonight! The show's star Nathan Fillion told TV Line yesterday what was going through his mind at the end of last May's finale, in which his love-interest/partner Beckett (Stana Katic) was shot by a sniper:

"There's a lot between these people that has yet remained unsaid, so it was a very visceral kind of thing. He finds himself overcome and confesses his love, knowing that this very well may be his last chance to express himself like that, which he's never done for her before."

*7 Jon Huertas pictures total in the gallery:

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