26 Jul 2011

John Francis Daley and David Boreanaz

John Francis Daley and David Boreanaz are seen goofing off on the set of Bones last week (July 21). What a funny pair. David tweeted the pic and said: "I meant to caption this "The Boys Are Back in Town" but I seem to have forgotten how to twitpic"

He also tweeted a pic of him with his pants off and said: "How Booth cooks in the Kitchen..." Too funny!

Bones showrunner Hart Hanson revealed to The Hollywood Reporter last week how Emily Deschanel's pregnancy will impact the upcoming season of Bones:

"The baby will be born, and these two disparate people are going to have to figure out the environment in which that child will be raised. What is their relationship? Are they going live together? How involved will Booth be in the raising of the baby? We have a shortened season because Emily is actually pregnant. We hope to get 16 episodes done, I’m sure we will. That's going be the bulk of this year."

*2 David Boreanaz pictures total in the gallery:

  • David Boreanaz No Pants
  • David Boreanaz from Buffy and Angel

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  • Nobodysomebody

    Congratulations to Emily D.. Hope you have a lovely and beautiful child just like yourself..
    Bummer for a short season of Bones..