10 Aug 2011

Eva LaRue

Eva LaRue is seen on the set of CSI: Miami in Los Angeles last week (August 3). Just another long day at work . . . at the beach!

David Caruso was recently spotted on set as well - check out the pics here.

Eva told INF Daily earlier this year how, despite some obstacles, fate was on her side when she scored a role on the popular CBS drama:

"It all happened really quickly. I was living in New York at the time and in the middle of getting ready to move back to Los Angeles. I was at Mark Consuelos' and Kelly Ripa’s in the Hamptons. I was supposed to go into New York to audition but my daughter almost drowned so I was so upset that I skipped the audition. Then another situation happened and I missed the second chance to audition. Finally, they wanted me to come to Los Angeles for my last chance to audition but I was in the middle of the move with moving trucks coming and I just decided that this job was not meant to be. At a last attempt, they had me put myself on tape and send it to Los Angeles. I got a call three days later telling me I had the part. I guess it was just meant to be!"

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