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1 Nov 2011

Shane West and Maggie Q

Shane West and Maggie Q are spotted filming their series Nikita in Toronto on Saturday (October 29). Maggie plays Nikita, a rogue agent of "Division" plotting to bring down the secret organization she used to work for. Shane plays Michael, a "Division" operative who trained Nikita and is also her love interest.

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Maggie sat down with AOL TV last month to discuss the dynamic between her character Nikita at Michael:

"Michael is so conservative and so much more planned than she is that there are moments where she does make fun of how square he is, and it's kinda cute. But you see a little bit of a softening, at least for her, because she does have a partner now, and that does allow a little bit for teamwork. You're gonna see her working that dynamic a little more."

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