Ice Loves Coco Pictures

10 Nov 2011


Coco is seen filming her reality show Ice Loves Coco at the Lincoln Road Mall in Miami Beach earlier this week (November 7). The reality star was certainly turning heads as she walked her cute English Bulldog Spartacus down the street.

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Coco recently said that she's happy that everyone will see a different side of her on the new show:

"I think [people] really haven’t seen the true Coco. This show is what it's all about. You’re going to see the family side of Coco, the loving side of Coco and the goofy side of Coco. I think that's the key here. People just see me as a model and as the party girl because the only time paparazzi are out is usually when we go to red carpet events and you're wearing crazy outfits and going to the after-parties. They don't see what I do on a normal, regular basis."

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7 Nov 2011


Nicole "Coco" Austin is spotted filming her new reality show Ice Love Coco in Miami Beach on Saturday (November 5). The "Ice" in the show title refers to Coco's husband, Ice-T (who's not in the shot). Check out some pics of the two relaxing during filming in the gallery.

PICTURES: Check out more on the Ice Loves Coco page

In an interview earlier this year, Ice-T revealed that the show - which airs on E! - shows a personal side to him that not many people have seen before:

"I'm a loving cat, and I'm more relaxed. The thing of it is, I've been around long enough that I think my real fans know I got a bunch of different sides. Maybe the people who just watch me on SVU, they probably think I walk around and sharpen knives all the time, and load guns. It's kind of like if you met Clint Eastwood, you wouldn't think that he could tell a joke. People who are caught up in my music and my professional persona, they won't realize that I kick it and play video games and laugh and bullshit, and I'm a more laid back and fun person than the cats I play in my roles."

*25 Coco pictures total in the gallery:

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