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7 May 2012

DJ Khaled, Rick Ross and Drake

Last week Cash Money's DJ Khaled was joined by several of Hip Hop's finest on the set of his new music video for the track "Take it to the Head." In addition to rappers Rick Ross and Drake, Chris BrownLil Wayne and Nicki Minaj were seen on set in Los Angeles. DJ Khaled tweeted:

"#TAKEITTOTHEHEAD video dir by @ColinTilley be ready for a movie!! STAY TUNED!"

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With all of the talent around this video shoot I wouldn't bet against them being able to make a pretty damn good movie. Hopefully the music video lives up to the hype.

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27 Apr 2012

Chris Brown

Chris Brown is seen standing next to a sweet car on the set of his newest video Sweet Love yesterday in LA. The American singer tweeted:

"Sweet love shoot! We directing got em floating!"

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If you look in the gallery you'll see what he means by "got em floating!" They really are floating, if you imagine the wires not being there. I love the song either way and can't wait to see how the video turns out. Sweet Love is the latest single off of Brown's 5th album The Fortune which is due out July 3.

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10 Apr 2012

Big Sean, Chris Brown and Kmac

Chris Brown is seen on the set of Kmac's (Kevin McCall) new video for the single Naked with Big Sean. Not only is Chris Brown a talented singer and songwriter but it appears he has some other talents as well. From Kmac's twitter -

"Big Day tomorrow...Video shoot 4 my first single "Naked" ft. @BigSean directed by @ChrisBrown."

I can't wait to see what Chris Brown can do behind the camera because we all like what he can do in front of it. This isn't the first time Brown and McCall have teamed up on a track, last year they were nominated for a Grammy for the song Dueces. Now I can't wait to see how the two artists combine forces with Big Sean. And who can really argue against anything called "Naked?" :)

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23 Nov 2011

Chris Brown

Chris Brown is spotted hanging out on the set of his new film Planet B-Boy in Montpelier, France last week (November 14). He looks like he's having a good time. Of course I would be, too, if my job sent me to France

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