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4 Oct 2012

Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Aaron Taylor-Johnson on the set of Kick Ass 2 filming on location in Toronto, Canada. Aaron was joined on set by Chloe Moretz and Jim Carrey while filming scenes in full costume for the upcoming sequel. After the scene, he Aaron went back to his hotel and learned how to get started playing online bingo.

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I can't wait to see this movie. Every time I see pictures from the set it makes me more and more excited (but not as excited as playing bingo games online). The original was so much better than I anticipated so hopefully this edition is equally as entertaining. Being a sequel is always difficult, but especially when the original was so damn good.

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11 Jul 2012

Chloe Moretz

Chloe Moretz was spotted on the set of the remake to Carrie in Toronto, Canada on July 3rd. The crew changed the name on her trailer because she had tweeted a picture of it.

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I guess they don't want anyone to find her? That's my only guess as to why they changed the name on it...Unless of course they got the name wrong. That would be embarrassing for the PA whose job it was to make the name tag. Either way, I hope young Chloe is happier with the new trailer name.

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2 Jul 2012

Chloe Grace Moretz

On June 25th Chloe Grace Moretz was seen on the set of the Carrie remake during the first day of filming in Toronto, Canada. Young Chloe, she is only 15 years old, will be playing the titular role made famous by Sissy Spacek in 1976. The film is based on the original novel by Stephen King. From

"A sheltered high school girl unleashes her newly developed telekinetic powers after she is pushed too far by her peers."

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I love Stephen King's stories. He is such a great writer. Of course my favorite adaptation from a story of his has to be Stand By Me. It was based on the novella The Body. Now back to Chloe Grace Moretz, I can't believe she is only 15 years old? She already has 36 credits to her name and has 9 currently in production. That is crazy. At 15 I only ever had money if I saved up my lunch money for 3 weeks. I'm going to send a scathing email to my parents and blame them for not being stage parents.

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